Makes and distributes leisure apps for mobiles and tablets.

Chairman : Nicolas D’HUEPPE | Turnover : 45 M€ | Investment in 2015 |

Financial support from HLD will enable us to achieve our goals more quickly, particularly as regards video-streaming and international growth, so as to assert ourselves as a key player at European level.
Nicolas D’HUEPPE – Alchimie

Alchimie is an e-merchant, a leader in the distribution of virtual goods – in the fields of leisure, culture and knowledge – in exchange for micropayments.

For 10 years, its 150 mobile experts have been sourcing from the best developers of innovative apps. Based in France, Germany, Australia and Mexico, Alchimie operates in some 10 countries and has a turnover of € 45 million. Thanks to its technological platform, Alchimie offers multi-screen music, video, TV, personalisation and gaming products through telecom operators.


SPI extends deal with Alchimie

SPI and Alchimie have signed an agreement to increase the carriage of the SPI channels FightBox, DocuBox, FilmBox Art House and FashionBox in two new territories – Belgium and Spain…

Nicolas d’Hueppe sur BFM

Plus Grand Plus Fort: Comment expliquer le succès d’Alchimie ? Nicolas d’Hueppe, président d’Alchimie, était l’invité de Good Morning Business, du mardi 18 avril 2017. Spécialisé dans les contenus multimédia, le…