French real-time road information systems market leader.

CEO : Fabier Pierlot | Turnover : 127 M€ | Investment in 2014 |

We are now confident of meeting the challenge of spreading our service across Europe and extending it into new and innovative products and services.
Fabien PIERLOT – Coyote

Founded by Fabien Pierlot and Jean-Marc Van Laethem in 2006, Coyote has developed the world’s first tool that assists drivers by sharing information entered by users. Coyote’s patented technology is available in the form of units, applications and solutions installed directly in cars (Renault, Toyota).

Coyote benefits from its loyal following of nearly 5 million members and a peerless reputation for innovation. In 2018, Coyote acquired a near-70% stake in Traqueur, a leader in the anti-theft segment and an expert in fleet management. The addition of Traqueur has made Coyote the one and only actor in Europe to combine real-time road information, a solution to recover stolen vehicles and a car fleet management service.

The shared aims of the founders and HLD are to expand the business to other parts of Europe including Italy and Spain; to further the company’s development in the B2B segment; and lastly to support the rollout of innovative services in the field of connected cars.