Since its creation, HLD has distinguished itself in the private equity market by its position as a long-term investor, combining the management of its investments with its success and accompanying the development of European companies from all sectors of activity.

Like many entrepreneurs, the founding partners were initially interested in carrying out this measure rather than formalizing it. In March 2018, HLD took the first step by becoming member of the UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and launching the ESG reporting for its investments throughout their journey at HLD.

This reporting takes several steps:

  • Completion of an ESG due diligence for the future investments and an ESG due diligence for the current investments within the portfolio. The objective is to perform an audit of the CSR strategies and related actions during the investment process;
  • A follow-up monitoring;
  • The presentation of reports presenting the situation to the Ethics Committee in order to propose areas for improvement;
  • A consultation with each participation to follow the angles proposed by the Committee.

On the operational part of the implementation of the ESG criteria, it is with the creation of the HLD endowment fund for the Mediterranean Sea, in November 2018, that HLD commits to the protection of the environment.