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Launched in 2018, « HLD pour la Méditerranée » aims at supporting associative projects acting to protect the environment of the Mediterranean Sea.

This endowment fund was born from HLD’s associates and employees shared will to act to safeguard the Mediterranean Sea.

Our initiative is based on the following findings:

  • The Mediterranean ecosystems are more than ever threaten by the plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change among others. We must act now, before it is too late.
  • This issue remains among the least supported cause by the French corporate philanthropy: the environment receives only 7% of French corporate philanthropy and marine environment is the least financed environmental issue.
  • A philanthropic project focused on a precise axis will have more chance to make a difference and its impact is easier to assess, however modest it is.

Faithful to HLD’s values, our endowment fund supports innovating and ambitious projects with a strong potential to protect the marine environment. We also wish to create a climate of trust with the project holders by supporting them through our business and financial expertise.

This twofold philanthropy, financial and skill-based, is much appreciated by our associative partners who all wish to ensure the continuity of their project and to scale up their impact. Overall, we wish to participate in the development of innovative solutions in order to ensure the sustainable protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

In order to ensure our presence in the Mediterranean region, we established a partnership with the association Sauver la Méditerranée, based in Marseille and chaired by Laurent Dominati.

This association, supported by HLD pour la Méditerranée Project Selection Committee, aims at identifying the most promising initiatives, supporting them and ensuring their development across Mediterranean countries.

We finance our partner associations on awareness, research and action projects, such as beach clean-ups and marine biodiversity protection. These three complementary pillars are essential to the settlement of a sustainable protection of marine habitats and could not be efficient one without the other.

Along with the association Sauver la Méditerranée, we are supporting to this day three projects :

Project Adopt’1 Spot
held by Mer-Terre.

This association was founded and managed by Isabelle Poitou, reknown across Europe for a research on marine macro-waste. It took part in several research projects with the region and the Environment Ministry.

Mer-Terre is an active member of large associative networks such as the Mer Network, the Graine PACA and the MIO-ESCDE (Mediterranean environment, culture and sustainable development office).

We support the association on one of its main project: the development of the Adopt’1 Spot program, aiming to be the national platform gathering all actors willing to participate in beach clean-up and waste classification.

Visit the website Mer-Terre

Project CorSeaCare
held by Mare Vivu.

This newly launched, dynamic and ambitious association wishes to facilitate the participation of the Corsican youth in large scale environmental research and protection programs.

The association takes part in national projects such as OBSenMER and work in partnership with national institutes such as Ifremer or the CNRS Toulon. The association won the 2018 Climate Plan Biodiversity Award in 2018 and was pre-selected by the prestigious BeMed jury in 2019. We are proud to be the main sponsor of the 2019 CorSeaCare expedition in 2019, for this association that will be talked about for years to come.

Visit the website Mare Vivu

Project Chrysalis
held by Earthwake.

The Chrysalis technology developed by the engineer Christophe Costes is the result of three years of research to launch a device able to transform plastic wastes into various fuels through pyrolysis.

Our objective in supporting this project is to participate in the reduction of marine pollution by plastic waste through the valorization of the root of the issue.

It is an innovative technology,which already benefits from the Nice Metropole support. We hope, that it could be spread across the South Mediterranean countries in a very near future.

Visit the website Earth Wake

HLD pour la Méditerranée started a three years partnership with the Mediterranean office of the Fondation de France. This collaboration will allow to identify and to co-finance an association among those selected by the call for projects “Collective Initiative for the Environment”.

Each year the Fondation de France supports, through thematic call for projects, hundreds of solutions participating to solve major social and environmental issues. Our link with the Mediterranean office will help us to be closer to the problematic faced by the Mediterranean region.

Above this co-financing, we are looking forward to collaborating with environmental specialist of the Fondation de France in order to gain expertise in sponsorship and project monitoring. We must remain humble when facing environmental issues of this scale and complexity. We wish to learn from this organism rich of fifty years of experience in the field of philanthropy.

Visit the website Fondation de France Méditerranée

The “HLD pour la Méditerranée” conference will be held the 23 September 2019 at the “Région Sud” regional council. We are organizing this event in partnership with the Fondation de France Méditerranée to raise awareness on the threats affecting the Mediterranean Sea.

The main asset of this event will certainly be the speed dating session between associations and companies. Today, more than ever, such events are needed to unite the associations and companies willing to engage themselves in the protection of the environment.

We will consider this event as successful if we can:

  1. Create a meeting space and facilitate the development of new partnerships between companies, associations and public collectivities.
  2. Define the environmental issues that are the most pressing in the Mediterranean region and draw an overview of the situation with speakers expert in their field.
  3. Define a collective vision of a “Future Mediterranean”.