Funbridge / BBO

French leader of bridge online, available on Mac, PC, tablets and mobiles.

Group Managing Director : Olivier Comte | Turnover  : 20 M€ | Investment in 2016 and 2018 || + 1M bridge players in 15 languages

The resources of the group HLD, the know-how of the GOTO GAMES teams, my experience of sportive marketing, and our partners, together, open new horizons for growth, development and expansion in Europe where Funbridge is already leader as they are in America and Asia.
Olivier Comte – Funbridge

Funbridge and BBO are two leading brands in the online bridge market. Funbridge is a European leader and BBO has pole position on the North American market and is known globally.

BBO’s offering, which is primarily focused on tournaments and competitions, works in harmony with that of Funbridge, which centres more on training and learning.

More than 3 million games are played daily on the two apps and websites, which create a community of almost 1 million bridge players. Both apps are available in nearly 15 languages and offer gamers the chance to play hands of bridge anytime, anywhere, in a wide array of gaming modes.