Interflora France, French flower-delivery market leader.

Chairman : Eric Hazak | Investment in 2011, sold in July 2015 |

I have noticed real interest in our business and industry within HLD, and a strong desire to get involved that went well beyond the financial approach of the traditional funds we had previously had as shareholders. It is noticeable every day: we discuss all issues efficiently, which enables us to move forwards quickly.
Eric Hazak – Interflora

Taken over in 1997 by Félix and Eric Hazak, the group – French and Spanish flower-delivery market leader – is made up of three operating companies, which are leaders in their own markets:

  • Interflora France – French flower-delivery market leader
  • Interflora Spain – Spanish flower-delivery market leader
  • Renaud Distribution – French florist- and decorating-supplies wholesale market leader