Second largest player in the industrial and construction equipment rental market in France and the fourth largest in Europe.

CEO : Xavier du Boÿs | Turnover : 706 M€ | Investment in 2018 |

I am delighted to be able to start a new era in the development of this superb company with our new shareholders, with whom we share the same values. Together, we aim to build a large European platform for equipment rental focused on our mission: to simplify the lives of all our customers wherever they are. In order to accomplish this goal, we will continue to broaden our service offering and to improve our customers’ experience, especially through investments in digital. We will succeed in this project by remaining true to our commitment to sustainable development and by maintaining our focus on the men and women of Kiloutou, who are key to its success.
Xavier du Boÿs, Président de Kiloutou

Founded by Franky Mulliez in 1980, Kiloutou holds the number two position in the French industrial and construction equipment hire market, is the fourth-largest European rental company and offers its clients the broadest range of equipment on the market.
With a workforce of 5,000 people in Europe, Kiloutou currently has a network of around 500 branches in Europe (France, Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany).

The Kiloutou group services a broadly diversified professional client base: domestic blue chips, construction sector companies, tradesmen, local authorities and governments, industrials, service companies and SMEs.

With the support of its new shareholder, Kiloutou will be able to step up its European growth and strengthen its leading position in the French market. Over the last decade, its management team has become particularly adept at M&As, opening branches, entering new markets and developing its international business.



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