Laboratoires Filorga

Designing, manufacturing and marketing medical and cosmetic anti-ageing products.

Chairman : Didier TABARY | Turnover : 224 M€ | Investment in 2010 |

When I took over Laboratoires Filorga in 2006, my ambition was to make our aesthetic medicine available to the most people possible. So, in 2007, we became the first medical laboratory to launch a range of anti-ageing cosmetics for the general public. That range has since built an international reputation for itself, and it is now available from over 7,000 points of sale worldwide.
Didier TABARY – Laboratoires Filorga

For almost 40 years, Filorga has pioneered new techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine. Today, the laboratory develops and sells a wide range of anti-ageing products in pharmacies and para-pharmacies, as well as through selected networks in France and around 60 other countries worldwide.

Laboratoires Filorga has developed a holistic anti-ageing solution to all the issues associated with ageing skin (wrinkles, dullness, sagging, discolouration).

Thanks to its consistent product innovation, new export partners and the launch of new subsidiaries, Filorga has experienced accelerated growth for the past few years.

The brand now has a presence in 75 countries and has opened 11 subsidiaries. Four of these were launched in 2016 and 2017, most notably in China.