International specialist in hair-care.

CEO : Sophie Goldberger | Turnover : 2,3 M€ | Investment in 2018 |

Lazartigue is a brand whose products quality is well known to all professionals, mostly its impressive formulatory ability.
Didier Tabary, Lazartigue Chairman

Jean-François Lazartigue, an international specialist in hair-care products, founded his eponym brand in 1976. The product range is committed to take care of, maintain and protect hair.

Following the success of all products, Jean-François Lazartigue opened several Centres d’Examen Conseil du Cheveu and hairstyling-and-dyeing salon. He also developed distance selling.

The products are created selecting the richest raw materials while considering their effectiveness and benefit they provide to the hair. Numerous tests have been made internally. Once the components are selected, Lazartigue laboratories finalize and test the formulas.

It is based on a 40-year-field-experience that Jean-François Lazartigue has been able to impose his name and brand image in France as well as abroad. He developed exportations selecting the suppliers, which are today about fifty intervening in sixty countries.

The company employs more than thirty employees and have its headquarters located in Trappes. The HLD support will allow the brand to benefit from synergies of its cosmetic hub of activity to develop itself internationally.