Leading Italian company in digital multimedia in-store marketing solutions.

CEO : Manlio Romanelli | Turnover : 17 M€ | Investment in 2017 | www.mcubeglobal.com

HLD Europe has emerged as the natural partner for us to support our future development. Firstly because its team has fully understood the growth opportunities offered by the market of ‘in-store digital customer engagement’ to a company like M-Cube, structured to operate on international distribution networks; because they shared with passion and conviction our strategy and our business plan; and finally because a relationship of trust was immediately formed, guaranteeing a successful future for our partnership.
Manlio Romanelli – M-Cube

Founded in 2001 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs, M-Cube has carved a niche for itself in Italy as a leading light in the design and development of digital multimedia solutions (radio and video) to be used by large retailers for their in-store marketing activities.

From design, to production, to the management of existing solutions, M-Cube offers its clients a wide array of unique and personalised experiences tailored to the target clientele and each point of sale. M-Cube currently employs a team of over 60 people and manages in excess of 20,000 systems installed in more than 80 countries.

The partnership between M-Cube and HLD seeks to foster the company’s growth in Italy, consolidate its position in Europe and support M-Cube as it researches and rolls out innovative technology in points of sale.