Our strategy:

Before investing, the critical areas we assess are the quality of the company’s business plan and management team,its growth potential, and its competitive position.

Once we have invested, we do not interfere in management of the company’s operations, but we do make our strategic and financial expertise available, along with our networks of connections.

Our business experience and multi-sector expertise, backed up by that of our investors, as well as our responsiveness, enable us to understand economic challenges and identify risks quickly, and to seize opportunities at the right time.


  • The quality of the entrepreunarial project, whatever the sector, assessed in terms of competitive position, growth potential and entrepreneurial culture.
  • An ambitious expansion plan that requires support from HLD Group.
  • A hands-on, high-performance and motivated management team.
  • An amount in equity to be invested between € 10 million and € 250 million.