HLD’s values:

Entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, trust and commitment are HLD’s core values.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: because you cannot create anything without taking risks. HLD was founded by entrepreneurs and risk-taking is in our DNA.

AMBITION: because we see the big picture. Our aim is to make our companies market leaders in their sector. Time and trust built up with managers are central to achieving that.

TRUST: goes both ways. It is created right from the start of an investment project through listening, transparency and free-flowing talks with the management team. Relationships are simple, direct and frank.

Lastly, COMMITMENT: because we give our companies time to grow, while giving them all the human, technical and financial resources that they need in that time.

While investing time and resources, we also commit to supporting managers; we advise them and build the future alongside them, in the sort of long-term partnership that is the only way to achieve an ambitious project.

It is thanks to that SHARED TRUST, COMMITMENT and AMBITION that we help our managers to build the companies of the future.