French online shoe retail market leader.

Chairman : Stéphane TREPPOZ | Turnover : 175 M€ | Investment in 2014 |

HLD is a group made up of entrepreneurs who think like entrepreneurs and get involved in day-to-day operations to help us improve.
Stéphane TREPPOZ – Sarenza

Founded in late 2005, Sarenza is one of the pioneering online shoe retailers in Europe, with over 4 million customers.

The company has set itself apart by offering mid-range and high-end shoes. The range of products sold includes 740 brands,7 in-house and 70 exclusively; it totals around 55,000 models. In recent years, Sarenza has boosted its service quality, becoming the first brand to commit to delivering within 24 h of the order.

In 2016, the company processed some 3.2 million in orders and recorded organic growth of around 30%, in France and in some twenty countries across Europe.

HLD Group’s investment has enabled Sarenza to step up its international expansion, while consolidating its leading position in France.


Monoprix trouve Sarenza à son pied

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